A Christ-centered recovery home.

Our Staff

Pastor Randall England



Pastor Randy has worked with men suffering from addiction since 2005 until now. He started at Church on the Street in Prescott, Arizona. He founded New Song Recover Home, Inc. in 2008 and serves as Director and head Pastor.


Pastor Randy is an Honorably Discharged Veteran who served in the United States Navy. Randall has been married for over 20 years to his wonderful wife Lisa and has four beautiful daughters. The England's are also a foster care family.


I will serve the Lord for the rest of my days, God willing.

Pastor Gary Coleman

House Manager


My name is Gary and my story begins like most people; I come from a good family. I started smoking pot at 12 and quickly moved on to harder drugs like cocaine and meth. I tried to stop using on my own but that does not work. In 1995 I went through a rehabilitation program and things looked good for a while. In 2000 my youngest child became very ill and for the next 6 years life was a roller coaster. I started drinking heavily and began to smoke pot again. In 2007 my son past away and my life fell apart. I quickly started using meth again and my life spiraled out of control. In 2013 I was arrested and was looking at 2&1/2 years in prison. I had finally come to that place in my life where I was broken. All my pride was gone. I was so ashamed of what I had become that I fell on my knees and cried out to God. Mylife now belonged to Him. After 42 years of drug abuse I came to New Song Recovery on June 12, 2014 and just let the LORD lead me. Whatever He wanted me to do, I did. I became the assistant manager within a few months and in May of 2015 I accepted the position of House Manager. This was only possible through surrender to the will God. My prayer is that the LORD will continue to use me in helpingother men see that JESUS CHRIST is the only way to overcome all of issues of life.

What We Learn
- Morning Proverbs Study
- Evening Bible Study pertains to life skills and life issues.
- Responsibility, as men are encouraged to obtain jobs as they are able.
- Church attendance Sunday Morning.

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Testimony I was arrested for crystal meth. After jail, I had no place to go. After 17 years of daily drug use I wanted to die...