A Christ-centered recovery home.

Pastor Randall England, Director

From the Director

Here at New Song, we study God's Word daily. We study Proverbs every morning to gain God's Wisdom for the day and offer Him the first fruits of our day. All our Bible studies and meetings are open to the public and mandatory for our residents.

Everything that faces mankind is addressed in God's Word. We help men lay their addictions at the cross of Christ. Since New Song's conception, many men have come to faith in Jesus Christ and laid their addictions down.

Anyone entering the program must realize we are a Christian home. If an unbeliever comes here, we seek to lead him to Christ, who alone is the source of power to overcome his addiction. Many have come to the Lord and been baptized through this ministry.

If a Christian enters a secular recovery program not in line with that person's beliefs there is not a good alignment of values. The believer must then fight the secular world view as well as his addiction. Addiction is not just a problem for the non-believing world, but attacks all people. Believers will find themselves right at home in the Bible-teaching, Christ-centered recovery home that is New Song.


What We Learn
- Morning Proverbs Study
- Evening Bible Study pertains to life skills and life issues.
- Responsibility, as men are encouraged to obtain jobs as they are able.
- Church attendance Sunday Morning.

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